Rehab Treatment Programs in Martins Ferry, OH

When a person seeks rehab treatment programs in Martins Ferry, they often participate in both individual and group therapy. These programs are more than an opportunity to talk about addiction. They involve addiction experts using techniques that have been proven to help a person struggling with addiction overcome their disease. Each of these therapy techniques has value in helping a person gain a better understanding of their addiction and the behaviors that can help a person achieve long-term sobriety.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it's important that an addiction treatment program take an individualized approach to a patient's care. This may include using one or a combination of approaches to helping a person become sober. Examples of these rehab treatment programs in Martins Ferry include:

Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy: Also known as CBT, this therapy is popular for addiction treatment programs because it involves working with a counselor or in a group setting to identify behaviors and thoughts that can lead to addiction and helps relapse prevention in Martins Ferry. In addition to identifying these thoughts, a person is encouraged to discuss and develop behaviors that can help them resist the urge to return to drug or alcohol abuse in Martins Ferry as well as identify ways a person can refuse drugs if they should see a person or people who may try to tempt them to return to drug abuse. The program's purpose is to teach a person how to deal with and also avoid high-risk situations.

Motivational Interviewing: Motivational interviewing is a method used to help a person identify their own unique motivations for becoming and staying sober. Sometimes a person may seek a rehab treatment program because their friends, family, or the legal system required them to. An individual may be in rehab, but that does not mean they are engaged in their recovery. However, through motivational interviewing, a person can ideally find their own motivations and reasoning for getting and staying sober. The process involves asking open-ended questions a person can answer to identify their personal motivations. In some instances, a person's family may participate s family may participate in the program.

Motivational Incentives: Motivational incentives are rehab treatment programs that offer rewards to a person for positive behaviors. Examples may include giving a person extra privileges or vouchers as a reward for modeling good behaviors. These could include participation in meetings or having several negative drug tests. While the rewards may be small in terms of monetary value, the rewards system and encouragement can be very motivating for a person struggling with addiction.

Which of the Rehab Treatment Programs in Martins Ferry is Right For Me?

Sometimes trial and error may be the only way a person can know what therapy is right for them. A person may be initially drawn to the concept of cognitive-behavioral therapy, yet ultimately find that motivational interviewing works better for them. The benefit of having numerous rehab treatment program options in Martins Ferry is that a person can choose from several options or even engage in several different therapy types.

For example, a study published in the "British Medical Journal" found that patients who participated in both motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy were likely to have fewer incidences of substance abuse one year after finishing therapy.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has also found that some people respond better to different types of treatments based on the drugs they abuse. For example, cognitive-behavioral therapy has been found to be especially successful in treating those who suffer alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, or meth addiction in Martins Ferry.

Motivational incentives may be especially beneficial in treating those who are addicted to alcohol, cocaine, or opioids, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Motivational interviewing (which is also known as motivational enhancement therapy) is especially beneficial in alcohol, marijuana, or nicotine treatments. Motivational interviewing is also considered especially effective when combined with cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Whatever the rehab treatment program chosen in Martins Ferry, a person can choose it knowing they are undergoing treatment using methods that have helped thousands of people become sober. These methods are also often the basis for addiction therapy programs, such as 12-step programs or the SMART recovery program.

If a person finds they do not respond well to one therapy, they can then try another until they find the addiction treatment program that clicks for them and provides them with the education and reasoning to stay sober for a lifetime. Call us now at (877) 804-1531.

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