Addiction Intervention in Martins Ferry, OH

Understanding what an intervention is can help family members or loved ones of an addict convince them to seek treatment. Ultimately, the goal of an addiction intervention in Martins Ferry, is to get a person to get the help they need to become drug-free.

An intervention is a planned meeting with family, friends, and loved ones of a person who struggles with drug and/or alcohol addiction. Interventions are for those who may not recognize they have a drug problem or who have refused to seek help in the past. By scheduling a meeting with a person's loved ones who will share how the person's drug abuse has impacted them individually, a person will ideally seek drug and/or alcohol treatment. Another important component of drug addiction intervention is to create a plan and find a program where a person can begin to receive therapy.

How to Stage an Intervention

An intervention should be scheduled when a loved one is likely to be as low-stress as possible. For example, scheduling an intervention before a person has to go to work can result in added stress and may make the intervention less effective. Often, interventions are held earlier in the morning when a person is usually at their most sober.

Some of the planning steps include:

  • Creating an intervention team. While there is no set number for an intervention team, it should ideally be composed of friends and loved ones who are calm and cool-headed.
  • Research available programs. Some people may even contact the programs to ensure the person has a space. They also may contact an intervention specialist to receive help in planning.
  • Make notes and determine what each family member will say. The examples should be specific and intended to help the person understand how their addiction has impacted their loved ones.
  • Hold the meeting. Ideally, the person will agree to seek treatment after a drug intervention for addiction.

There are certain circumstances where loved ones should definitely contact an addiction professional before planning an intervention-- if the loved one has a history of mental illness, violence, or suicidal behavior, it would be well advised to seek professional assistance. Drug addiction intervention can push a person with this history over the edge. Dual diagnosis treatment in Martins Ferry and an intervention specialist can recommend techniques to avoid this.

What Can I Expect from an Addiction Intervention in Martins Ferry?

A certified intervention specialist can help guide friends and family through the planning process for an intervention. This can include helping family members express specific examples of how the person's addiction has affected them. An intervention specialist can also help friends and family develop a specific treatment plan that can make seeking treatment easier.

If the drug intervention for addiction is carefully planned, the outcome will include the person agreeing to seek treatment programs in Martins Ferry. However, some people may feel attacked and/or isolated. While there is no way to precisely predict how a person will respond to an intervention, planning can allow for the best possible chance that the person will get help.

What Happens If the Addiction Intervention in Martins Ferry Doesn't Work?

According to "Psychology Today," there is little research about how effective interventions are. The publication did conclude that a person is more likely to seek drug addiction intervention treatment if they have an intervention. However, there is not a lot of data regarding how effective drug addiction treatment after a person has sought help following an intervention. Nevertheless, experts do know that successful drug abuse treatment can often depend upon a strong social support as well as access to quality treatment. Often, if loved ones care enough to conduct an intervention, the person has both of these aspects in place.

While interventions are often successful in helping a person realize the extent of their abuse, as well as ideally seek treatments, there are always exceptions. Sometimes a loved one may respond out of anger instead of realizing the seriousness of their illness. A drug addiction intervention does change a person's relationships and outlook. There must be consequences or a person may not agree to seek treatment. This can mean the family or friends will not continue enabling an addict by providing money, food, a place to live, or other comforts that can cause a person struggling with substance abuse to continue their lifestyle.

While there are potential negative outcomes to a drug intervention in Martins Ferry, drug addiction itself can have life-threatening consequences. If a loved one is struggling, this is the pathway they could be going down. Sometimes the risks for a drug addiction intervention are much less than the potential benefits of directing a person to get the help they need. Call us now at (877) 804-1531.

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