Relapse Prevention in Martins Ferry, OH

Addiction is a disease, just like high blood pressure. When a person has high blood pressure, they do activities and take medicines to help keep their blood pressure down. They may lose weight, start eating healthy, and cut their stress. Their blood pressure may go back to normal limits. However, a person must always watch what they eat and maintain their stress levels to prevent their blood pressure from coming back up because they are always at risk for having the condition again. The same is true for relapse prevention in Martins Ferry.

A person cannot usually become sober and never "check in" with their sobriety. Instead, they must be an active participant, engaging in programs and efforts that keep them in the right mindset so they can stay sober. This is why relapse prevention programs exist.

Relapse prevention is any program that aims to help a person keep from returning to drug and alcohol abuse in Martins Ferry. Some programs may involve one-on-one counseling while others include group therapy. Regardless of the approach, it is important that a person participate in relapse prevention programs so they can remain a sober individual and refrain from returning to a life of uncertainty and drug abuse.

Why Are Relapse Prevention Tools Necessary?

After drug detox in Martins Ferry, a patient is not free from their addiction completely. Relapse prevention programs serve several purposes for a person looking to stay sober. Examples of some of the skills relapse prevention in Martins Ferry may teach include:

  • Avoiding high-risk situations: Teaching a person to identify high-risk situations, such as a stressful event like seeing an ex or seeing friends a person used to do drugs with and avoiding them or learning behaviors that help them resist temptation are all a part of relapse prevention.
  • Learning warning signs and triggers: Each person has their own reasons and triggers for drug and alcohol abuse. For many, it was a way to escape the stresses and pressures of daily life or to overcome grief. A person who wishes to be sober long-term must learn these warning signs and triggers as well as the kinds of healthy practices that can help a person overcome them.
  • Upkeep wellness: Wellness programs, such as yoga, meditation, or other exercise programs can help a person relieve stress and stay healthy in a positive way. Although they may not be expressly for relapse prevention, these programs can be an important component of keeping a person sober.
  • 12-step programs: 12-step programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous offer a time-tested method for helping a person have the support and information to achieve sobriety. An important aspect of these 12-step programs is mentorship, where a person has a "sponsor" that helps encourage them in their sobriety and serves as a person to count on when they are faced with difficult situations and temptations to return to drug or alcohol abuse.

Relapse Prevention in Martins Ferry Aftercare Services

A relapse prevention program or facility can help a person have access to relapse prevention services. Examples of relapse prevention aftercare services include:

  • Sober-living homes: These homes provide a safe location for those who are attempting to rebuild their lives and remain sober. A person can usually come and go as they please, but is able to live with others who are also sober.
  • Meetings: From Narcotics Anonymous to SMART recovery to gender-specific programs, there are many drug relapse prevention program meetings a person can attend. Even if a person does not live in a highly populated area with numerous meeting options, online groups are also available.
  • Counseling/therapy: Having access to a trusted counselor can help a person prevent relapse. A counselor can help a person identify behaviors they may not realize could be contributing to their relapse potential. The therapy can be individual or may include participation in family or couples' counseling, helping to rebuild relationships that were often affected due to substance abuse.

These are just a small sample of relapse prevention programs that are available in Martins Ferry. The most important consideration is that a person remains active in maintaining their sobriety. They should practice healthy habits that keep them in the right mindset for staying sober. Examples include reducing stress in their lives, associating with people who encourage them and help them live fuller lives, and help them find activities that relieve stress that they enjoy doing.

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